Okay, that took way too long for me to back up and running, but we’re finally back!

Here’s a quick overview of why I decided to take time and switch things up.:

  • The platform I was using to run my website and blog was extremely slow and I had difficulty creating posts.
  • I was losing comments and on occasion entire blog posts got wiped out.

Initially I thought it would only take a week to fix things – find another platform, cut and paste all my posts, and continue on from there.

However, I began thinking during that week. I have this chance to rebuild my site completely from the ground up and “reboot.” Knowing what I know now I thought, “how can I create a site that best serves my readers based on the awesome feedback I’ve gotten from them?”

Well, three pieces of feedback stuck out to me:

#1 – Your site is too slow.

#2 – I wish there was an easier way to search the site for particular topics.

#3 – We like the Journal Club because it makes it easy for us to find other great articles

So I took these three things to heart in redesigning the site but will continue doing the things I do best:

1) I will continue bringing you my own original content, particularly based on the things I’m learning along the path to financial freedom as a physician.

2) I will also continue to highlight amazing articles from other bloggers that I read, particularly those written by doctors. You'll see this at the top of my page, in essence a permanent “Journal Club” position that gets updated several times a week.

The new site is not perfect, and it will take some trial and error. In fact, lots of trials and lots of errors have taken place over the last month. However, I realize it’s always a work in progress and I'll never get it completely perfect, so I figured I would take you on this journey with me and just launch. The archives will continue to grow and I’ll keep working on the best way to organize this content.

So, take a test drive around the site. Here is what you’ll find right now:

  • My personal blog – Passive Income M.D. (PIMD)
  • Featured articles by other bloggers I respect. I’m giving these articles a permanent shout-out spot on my page so you and I can refer back and easily find your way to the original articles. This will be my version of a constantly updating “Journal Club”. I'll add articles to the Featured section every couple of days as I come across them.
  • Categories – Articles are put into categories that seem to be the most relevant
  • Tags – Articles also have tags for easier search capabilities

Hope you enjoy! As always I appreciate any feedback. In the end, I’m trying to figure out how to best serve you, the community of readers. Thank you for sticking with me and being patient.

* By the way, lost all the comments from the previous platform which is quite sad, but it's an opportunity for someone to go wild on this untouched landscape. Go for it!

Passive Income, M.D.



  1. Glad to see things are up and running, the new layout looks great! I’m sure it took a lot of hard work to start over. I can’t imagine starting from scratch again since it took a lot of work to put everything in place.

    • Thanks, I actually missed quite a bit while I was away. You definitely get into a rhythm and if you’re out for a little, can be a little tricky getting back into the swing of things. I’m working it out 😉

  2. Welcome back! I didn’t notice any of those issues, but I’m happy to hear they’ve been sorted out.

    Are you on WordPress now, and did you have a different setup before? I know of a few bloggers who started out on different platforms, and eventually made the switch to WP for the plugins and flexibility it offers.


    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes I’m now on WordPress. I should’ve just started on here from the beginning. I’ve personally noticed that it’s much easier to use and absolutely love it. Still taking a little time to get used to it but I know the time investment will be worth it in the end.


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