Facebook Groups To Get Involved In


If you’d like to get more involved in a community of like-minded people, Facebook Groups are a great avenue for that. I recommend these in particular:

Passive Income M.D. Community

This group is for readers of Passive Income M.D. and are interested in achieving financial freedom through multiple streams of passive income.

It’s a place where people can connect, support, learn, motivate, encourage, network, and find practical ways to move towards their goals.

Physician Side Gigs

This group is for physicians interested in pursuing opportunities outside of traditional clinical medicine either as a hobby or as a way to supplement or even replace their clinical income. 

The intent is to connect and network and create a space where physicians can learn from, motivate, support, and encourage each other as we take on new ventures. It’s also a way to share about opportunities as we hear about them.

I help moderate the group along with Nisha Mehta (Nisha Mehta, MD) and Pamela Starnes (Physician REI).








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