Paid Medical Surveys

Medical surveys for physicians
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A popular discussion topic in our Facebook group, Passive Income Docs, has been medical surveys. If you’ve never participated in one, medical surveys are a great way to make a little extra cash here and there while you’re in line for coffee, in between calls or cases, or whenever you have a little extra time to spare. These surveys provide important information to companies conducting research studies and you get compensated for your time and expert input.

Each company varies in how much they compensate, the length of the surveys, what specialties they focus on, and their qualification requirements, so it’s important to do your own research, but I’ve put together a comprehensive list of available survey opportunities, focusing on a few of the more popular ones up at the top. Am I missing any on this list?


This company offers “MicroSurveys”, ranging from about 2-5 minutes – a great way to make a little extra cash between things throughout the day. Research opportunities change, but they currently have a high demand for pharmacists, nephrologists and oncologists, and rheumatologists. Learn more here.

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Zoom RX is open to a multitude of healthcare professionals, not just MDs and DOs. While they offer a variety of options in all specialties, they do have more opportunities for physicians in specific specialties, such as hematology and oncology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology, psychiatry, and infectious diseases. 

Surveys are generally around 10 minutes, making it easy for a busy physician to participate, and you get compensated immediately after completing a survey through PayPal or via a monthly check. You can now also contribute a small portion of your earnings to support the medical treatment of patients in developing countries. They will match your contributions, dollar for dollar. Find out more here.

M3 Global Research

M3 Global Research is open to all medical healthcare professionals and their research ranges quite a bit, from short surveys to interactive phone calls. However, on average, most studies are about 20-30 minutes. Their goal is to help people in the healthcare industry access the opinions of a variety of healthcare professionals regarding products and services currently or potentially being marketed. These may include new or expanded prescription medications, medical equipment, insurance-related issues or different treatment options for specific diseases, among many others.


What makes MedSurvey a little different is that they provide paid medical survey opportunities for both health professionals and patients. Their platform is mobile-friendly (a must these days) and for any longer surveys you might want to participate in, they offer a “continuity feature”, enabling you to switch to a different device while taking a survey and seamlessly continue from where you stopped.


MedScape currently accepts all clinicians living in the US, and upon qualification and completion of their surveys, they pay out in the form of Amazon gift cards. Find out more here. 

Survey Junkie

While Survey Junkie doesn’t exclusively do medical surveys, they offer a wide array of surveys and occasionally have great opportunities for those in the healthcare industry. With their platform, you can customize your profile so they’ll match you with surveys that interest and apply to you. Join their community here.