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A lot of physicians make good incomes, but they don’t have a lot of time. We help physicians create financial freedom, so they can live life on their own terms by spending the time they want, how they want, with the people they love.”

Dr. Peter Kim
Physician, Investor, Entrepreneur,
Founder of Passive Income MD


Latest Blog Post

Latest Blog Post

Work Less, Make More

You can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love. You can live your dream life. It’s called Financial Freedom, and it’s within your grasp. There’s a path to working less and making more as a physician. (And you don’t have to go it alone.) Let us show you what we know.

Passive Income MD podcast.

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#216 How to Passively Invest in Real Estate Through Notes ft. Nathaniel Agnini of Aloha Capital

In this episode, Dr. Peter Kim explores passive real estate investment through notes with guest Nathaniel Agnini from Aloha Capital. Join them as they explore the ins and outs of note investing, covering topics such as understanding Aloha Capital, loan qualification processes, the advantages of note investing, and the current market influences affecting this investment strategy. Stay tuned for valuable insights on how to navigate the world of real estate notes and optimize your investment portfolio.

Aloha Capital brings this episode to you…

Aloha Capital offers investors high-yield, passive income via real estate notes. Investments are backed by 1st position mortgages to seasoned real estate investors who personally guarantee the note.

Through Aloha's platform, you can select specific notes that deliver a 9 to 14% annual return with a minimum investment of $25,000. With 4,000 loans and $600 million principal, earning passive income becomes effortless.

Click here to learn more about ALOHA CAPITAL

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Our course in passive income for physicians meets you where you are. Whether you’re entirely new on your journey to financial freedom or are already building your passive income streams, you’ll find value in our course that expedites the process of becoming an expert.

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Branching out as an entrepreneur can be tough, especially if you’re also a full-time doctor. This community understands your unique experience as a doctor and can help you reach your potential.

This community will help you start, grow, and scale your business to make an even bigger impact on the world.

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Dr. Marshall Kuremsky
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September 26-28 | dallas, tx + online

Learn how to grow passive income so you can live the life you worked so hard for. Topics ranging from owning your own properties to investing in real estate passively.

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The Passive Income MD podcast with Peter Kim. MD.

The Passive Income MD Podcast

Keep the conversation going about financial freedom, physician side hustles, investing in real estate, and more with our weekly podcast.

Learn how to develop the mindset necessary to make it happen. Listen to interviews with people who have done it, or are in the process of building those income streams.

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Peter Kim is an anesthesiologist in California and the founder of Passive Income MD.

About Passive Income MD

Peter Kim is an anesthesiologist in California and the founder of Passive Income MD. In 2013, he realized he wanted to start living his ideal life and create more wealth, but he didn’t know where to start. What followed was years of trial/error as he started exploring income opportunities outside of clinical medicine.Show More Get to know PIMD

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