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If you want to create your ideal life now, instead of waiting for a retirement 20-30 years in the future, the only way is by creating passive streams of income. Even with a career in medicine, circumstances can change in a heartbeat. Creating additional income streams can give you peace of mind and freedom to live your life as you want.

What Is Passive Income?
Extra Money for Doctors.

As doctors, our income is linked to the time we work in the clinic and hospital. If we want to make more, we have to work more. If our reimbursements drop, we then have to work more to sustain our same income.

Passive income is income that is not proportional to the time you spend acquiring it. It is received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Once you’ve made the initial investment, there’s little or no upkeep required to maintain the income stream.

Learn more about Passive income at the largest financial freedom conferences created for physicians by physicians.

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Success Starts with Community:
The Leverage & Growth Accelerator

Membership opens SPRING 2022

There’s no better place to start your entrepreneurial journey than in our inviting, motivating community for doctors.

Go from passionate and optimistic about your future—to taking tangible and productive steps towards your financial freedom.

What our members are saying:
“It was awesome to get to spend a lot of one-on-one time talking with people and getting to know so many of the medical community who are searching for something more - just like myself.”
Dr. Marshall Kuremsky
Orthopedic Surgeon & Venture Capitalist
Your guide to passive income through real estate.

Your guide to passive
income through real Estate

Why Real Estate Investing?

Why Real Estate Investing?

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to create passive income streams. Why? Because there are multiple ways to create returns in real estate, leveraging your time, energy, and capital.

Resources for Real Estate Investors

Passive Real Estate Academy is a comprehensive 4-week online course on passive real estate investing for doctors

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The Passive Real Estate Academy

Online Course | Opens Fall 2022

Our course in passive income for physicians meets you where you are. Whether you’re entirely new on your journey to financial freedom or are already building your passive income streams, you’ll find value in our course that expedites the process of becoming an expert.

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Financial freedom through Real Estate Conference.

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Financial Freedom through Real Estate

September 23-25 | Los Angeles, CA + Online

Learn how to grow passive income so you can live the life you worked so hard for. Topics ranging from owning your own properties to investing in real estate passively.

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Passive Income MD podcast.

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Let’s Talk “Opportunity Cost”

Netflix doesn't cost $17.99, It costs “your time.”

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Getting Started as an Entrepreneur

Why Entrepreneurship?

Doctors make great entrepreneurs—we are intelligent, we are great problem solvers, and we know how to execute under pressure.

We’ve shown that if we’re focused, we can accomplish some amazing things. Why not in the business world as well?

As an entrepreneur, you can create additional sources of income while making an even bigger impact on the world. You’ll be able to leverage your time, create more value, and follow your passions.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

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The Leverage & Growth Accelerator

Online Community | Opens Fall 2022

Branching out as an entrepreneur can be tough, especially if you’re also a full-time doctor. This community understands your unique experience as a doctor and can help you reach your potential.

This community will help you start, grow, and scale your business to make an even bigger impact on the world.

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The Leverage and Growth Summit

Virtual conference | Fall 2022

Learn how to create other streams of income through entrepreneurship with the limited time and resources of a physician. Topics ranging from blogging to venture capital.

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Check out the podcast

Let’s Talk “Opportunity Cost”

Netflix doesn't cost $17.99, It costs “your time.”

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