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I’ll Be Set Once…

December 27, 2016 • 2 Min Read

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I recently overheard a rotating medical student tell another, “I’ll be set once I match into residency.” I couldn’t help but crack a smile.


When I think back along the journey of my medical career, even as far back as high school through my current job, I must’ve thought this very same thought so many times.


When I was in high school, it was, “I’ll be set once I get into the right college.”

Then when I was in undergrad, I thought, “I’ll be set once I get into med school.”

Then when I was in med school, I thought, “I’ll be set once I match into residency.”

Then when I was in residency, I thought, “I’ll be set once I get into this fellowship.”

Then when I was in fellowship, I thought, “l’ll be set once I land a job.”

Well, the funny thing is, even with this amazing job, once in awhile I catch myself thinking:

  • “I’ll be set once I’ve accumulated this amount of savings.”
  • “I’ll be set once these investment pay off.”
  • “I’ll be set once I achieve this amount of passive income each month.”

The truth is, there will always be another step, another hurdle, and inevitably life will take some unpredictable turns.


The quest to get to that place of comfort and safety definitely helps fuel my ambition and motivation. However, I have to keep reminding myself to appreciate and be grateful for what I’ve been blessed with. Of course I need to be smart and plan for the future, but not at the expense of missing out on all the great things happening in the present.

Have you ever heard yourself uttering the same phrase, “I’ll be set once…?”

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