Journal Club 3-26-21 - Passive Income MD

Journal Club 3-26-21

March 26, 2021 • 2 Min Read

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Here's Journal Club 3/26/21! Every week, I hold a JOURNAL CLUB. After filtering through the articles on the web, I present a few that impacted my life this week. Be safe and stay well!

  • As I’m sure you know, physicians often have a lot of debt. The main source is from student loans, of course, but it can come from all kinds of sources. In this post from Financial Success MD, one physician reader shares how she paid down her massive debt very quickly, and with easy-to-replicate success.
  • Having a physician disability insurance policy in place is a great (and important) way to reduce your liability. But to be honest, choosing the right plan is tough. Fortunately, XRAYVSN has provided a helpful guide, as well as some information on why you might want disability insurance for yourself.
  • For something a little different, I thought I’d share an article that compares two popular book summary apps. After all, I’m a huge advocate for consistent and continued learning, and these apps make reading (or listening to) popular books super quick and easy. For a great summary and comparison of Blinkist and getAbstract, be sure to check out this article from Five-Year FIRE Escape.
  • Traditional wisdom says that if you invest in rental properties, it should be somewhere close by–and certainly within your town of residence. However, with more and more options becoming available, investing out-of-state has become more and more popular. But how do you decide which is best for you? In this article, The Darwinian Doctor breaks down that exact question.

That’s it for this week! I hope Journal Club 3/26/21 was helpful to you.

Lastly, here's a little bit of motivation below. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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