Journal Club 8-12-17


Every week, I hold a JOURNAL CLUB. After manually filtering through the millions of articles out there on the web, I present a few that impacted my life this week.

Here’s our Journal Club for the week, enjoy!

  • This week in the blogosphere I ran across quite a few posts about jumping at the opportunity to go outside of the status quo. As someone who frequently writes about creating freedom in all areas of life through passive income, these stuck out to me. The Frugal Farmer's most recent post, Buck Up and Dream, describes our societies obsession with “normal” perfectly and gives a convincing argument about why we should  throw those ideologies to the curb.


  • As a father of two young kids, one of my main goals is for passive income to allow me to spend more time with them as they grow up and less time working. If you're a parent striving for financial independence, you've got to read Physician On Fire's latest post on a topic that is not often talked about: Second Generation FIRE.

A little bit of motivation below. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention – we appreciate it!! As my blog-reading time has been limited the past several months I hadn’t heard of most of these articles. Can’t wait to read them – thanks for sharing!!

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