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Episode #127

#127 My Three Takeaways From Financial Freedom Through Real Estate (PIMDCON)

Financial Freedom Through Real Estate (PIMDCON), live and virtual conference for doctors and high-net-worth individuals in the same room. From the stage, online, or in casual discussions, the event was a buzz with conversations on real estate, mindset, sharing tips, and strategies. 

In today’s podcast, Peter Kim will share with you a few of his personal highlights from PIMDCON 2022.

12 Min • October 3

Episode Highlights

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Now, let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • Where are we in this economic cycle?
  • What strategies, or mindset, do you need to take advantage of maximum financial opportunity? 
  • Takeaway #1… people need connection
  • Takeaway #2… powerful connections in our mastermind sessions
  • Takeaway #3… the importance of community

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds.

Episode Breakdown


Where are we in this economic cycle? Whether you are looking at the stock or real estate market, it is clear that we are on a downward slide. Some say we are in a recession, and some say we are not. Either way, what is happening in the market will affect all of us. So the question is… “what will you do about it?”



What strategies or mindset do you need to take advantage of your maximum financial opportunity? People have felt they are late for the game for the past ten years. Now is an opportune time to be ready with the right mindset and determine your strategy so that in the next 12 to 18 months, you can jump in and take advantage of the current market situation.



Peter reviews the session lineup at PIMDCON. Unlike other conferences for doctors, our speakers dialed in on the mindset needed for physicians to live the full-rich life they have worked to achieve. 



Peter’s takeaway from PIMDCON… people need connection. Because of the pandemic, we have adapted to do community virtually. Although, there is a need for human, in-person connection. We are honored to serve our audience and create a space for people to gather and encourage each other over coffee, happy hour, meals, or mastermind sessions. 



Here is the second takeaway… while our sessions were incredible, there was power in the face-to-face conversations and mastermind sessions. So many said that they had one conversation with another, which shifted how they would do business, their practice, or life. 



The third takeaway is that community is the most important thing to help you accelerate and to stay in the right mind space. This happens when you are in the right community. So many came discouraged about passive real estate investing, but when they came to our conference, they left encouraged, getting over the mindset hurdles to see what is possible. 

You are the average of the five physicians you spend the most time with. Put yourself in the right community, near like-minded people who will continue to support, encourage, and help you dream. If you are not in that type of community? Find your tribe of people or join our community. Being in the right community will help you accelerate your vision, goals, and your next right step. 

If you attended PIMDCON, what was your one strategy, one connection, or one resource that you went home with to help you get where you want to be?

If you are reading this, we challenge you in the same way… what is your one strategy, connection, or a resource that will help you get where you want to before 2023?


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