#30: Benefits of Attending Conferences | Passive Income M.D.
Episode #30

#30 Benefits of Attending Conferences

I don’t know about you, but I love attending conferences.

12 Min • October 5

Episode Highlights

I don’t know about you, but I love attending conferences.

After attending FINCON, I was inspired to attend every year and organize a virtual conference called Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Conference.

In today’s podcast, I’ll share the reasons why I attend conferences.

Now, let’s look at the things that we discussed in this episode:

  • My biggest takeaway from a conference
  • Advantages of attending conferences

Episode Breakdown


People ask me all the time, where do you find mentors? Where do you find these like-minded people? Where do you find that community of people who have the same interest as you?


But realistically if I walked away with one or two big ideas, one or two big connections I’d feel like that was a success.

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