#31: Single Family Investing at Scale ft. Elaine Stageberg


single family investing
Episode #31

#31 Single Family Investing at Scale, ft. Elaine Stageberg

Dr. Elaine Stageberg has a background as a psychiatrist and health care administrator, but she is also the owner of Black Swan Real Estate.

45 Min • October 13

Episode Highlights

Dr. Elaine Stageberg has a background as a psychiatrist and health care administrator, but she is also the owner of Black Swan Real Estate.  She developed a passion for real estate upon renting out her single-family home in the post-2008 crash.  Learning that she truly enjoyed working with residents and providing high-quality housing and service, she partnered with her husband Nick to purchase and rehab their first investment property in Oklahoma City in 2014.

Since then, as the Co-Owner and Principal of Black Swan Real Estate, she has helped investors with limited time or desire to actively invest in real estate. Since then, she has secured seven figures of investment dollars with 100% successful return of capital and interest.

Now, let’s look at the five things that we discussed in this episode:

  • What is the 1% rule
  • Entrances and exits
  • The outcome of a long-term hold
  • A potential bubble that you see in multifamily
  • Horizontal vs vertical scaling and how that applies to real estate

Episode Breakdown


We think that the trend to invest in small multifamily can be good advice but we also think there’s a lot of dynamics that people should be aware of.


In single-family homes, you just have a relatively modest operational expense as compared to multifamily.


When you get a conventional loan on a multifamily property, there’s built into that a very significant penalty just for it being a multifamily property.


But one thing I think that it’s critical to think about is what are other investors doing? What are other people doing? It’s often good to do the opposite of what other people are doing.


There’s a clear trend toward vertical scaling. There are bigger and bigger apartment complexes that are being built.

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