#35: How To Determine If You're an Accredited Investor


Accredited Investor

#35: How To Determine If You’re an Accredited Investor

November 26
Accredited Investor

What is an accredited investor? An accredited investor is an investor with a special status under financial regulation laws. 

They have the opportunity to invest in private equity, angel investments, hedge funds, venture capital, and equity crowdfunding.

But how do you know if you qualify?

Now, let’s look at four things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Qualifications of an accredited investor
  • Amendments on the definition of an accredited investor
  • Why it's important to know if you are an accredited investor
  • Advantages of being an accredited investor
  • How to verify accredited investors

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds…


It's important to know whether you are one or not because it does open up a whole world of investments to you.


The most important thing is you have to learn how to do the proper due diligence for them.

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