#37: The Fastest Way to Achieve Financial Freedom
Episode #37

#37 The Fastest Way to Achieve Financial Freedom, ft. Dr. Kenji Asakura and Dr. Letizia Alto

On this podcast, I talk with Kenji Asakura and Letizia Alto, the dual physician couple behind Semi-Retired MD.

38 Min • December 7

Episode Highlights

On this podcast, I talk with Kenji Asakura and Letizia Alto, the dual physician couple behind Semi-Retired MD. Several years ago, they were working as full-time hospitalists. Despite having worked for several years and high income, they had very little freedom in terms of time or money. So they looked into other tried-and-true financial strategies.

They’re also the creators of the amazing course, Zero to Freedom. It’s a hands-on, 8-week course that guides you through the entire process for successfully selecting and purchasing your first rental property so you can create more monthly income (and protect it from taxes) right away.

Their course Zero to Freedom Through Cash Flowing Rentals is accepting waitlist members to get the course at a discount. You can join HERE.

Now, let’s look at five things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Why they decided to invest in real estate
  • How quickly you can achieve financial independence
  • Are physicians well positioned for investment opportunities
  • Best way to invest using loans
  • What is forced appreciation

Episode Breakdown


The key here is that, what’s the thing that you can essentially work less at than your clinical jobs right now and replace both your incomes and even beyond that.


Learning how to be a good real estate investor is a lot easier than learning how to become a doctor.

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