How Our MD / MBAs Helped Us to Create a Lending Business For Doctors


lending business

#38: How Our MD / MBAs Helped Us to Create a Lending Business For Doctors feat. Kenton Allen, MD and Zwade Marshall, MD

December 14
lending business

In today's podcast, you'll hear from physician entrepreneurs who created a business to help other doctors out. 

Our guests are Dr. Zwade Marshall and Dr. Kenton Allen, the cofounders of Doc2Doc Lending, a novel lending platform created for doctors, by doctors, with the aim of facilitating fast access to personal loans at rates that make sense.

It was founded on the belief that doctors are a unique group that are more responsible in repaying debt obligations than the general population.

Doc2Doc Lending employs a proprietary underwriting algorithm that considers doctor-specific metrics to enable interest rates that are often more favorable than those found at traditional banks.

Now, let’s look at four things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Why they pursued an MBA degree
  • Should physicians get an MBA
  • How they started Doc2Doc Lending
  • Tips for starting a business

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds…


I'll tell you this, when I decided to go in, it was the most transformational educational year of my life. I think that year of business school reframed the way I saw the world and reframed the lens through which I look at healthcare and just my everyday life forever. I had the greatest leap and knowledge in that year.


You need to know here you want to end up.

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