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#51: Tax Benefits of Investing in a Syndication

April 19

Tax season is here. Do you know enough about filing your taxes? Did you know that there are ways to minimize your taxes legally and ways to invest your capital in a way that is extremely tax-efficient.

Listen as Peter Kim discusses the tax benefits of investing in passive real estate syndications.

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Now, let’s look at two things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Ways to minimize the amount of taxes you pay
  • Tax Benefits of Investing in a Syndication

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds…

There are ways to minimize the amount of taxes you pay in a legal way…

How am I gonna invest my capital in a way that is extremely tax-efficient?

Depreciation’s a huge deduction… It’s when IRS allows you to deduct the cost that has a shelf life such as the building itself…

If you are a Real Estate Professional, it’s called REPS, you are a Real Estate Professional because you spend 50% of your time doing real estate activities.

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