#97: Doctors Make Great Entrepreneurs

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Episode #97

#97 Doctors Make Great Entrepreneurs

Often I’m asked, “do doctors make good entrepreneurs?

13 Min • March 7

Episode Highlights

Often I’m asked, “do doctors make good entrepreneurs?”  

The modern physician is not limited to medicine. Becoming a doctor has given you the skills also to become an entrepreneur. 

In this episode, Peter Kim discusses the reasons why doctors make great entrepreneurs.

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Now, let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • Running a medical practice IS running a business.
  • The modern physician is not limited to medicine. 
  • What are the similarities between doctors and entrepreneurs?

Episode Breakdown


Running a medical practice IS running a business. There is more to it than being a good physician; you need to not only lead but have the skills to hire, manage, and grow your business. The problem often is that you didn’t go to school for business to acquire these skills or knowledge. Although, becoming a doctor has given you the skills also to become an entrepreneur. 


The similarities between doctors and entrepreneurs include critical thinking skills. 


Doctors and entrepreneurs share the art of discipline, working towards a goal, and knowing how to persevere. We demonstrated perseverance by the very fact that we stayed the course to become a physician. 


Both doctors and entrepreneurs are creative people. Becoming an entrepreneur is a creative outlet and an income generator. Doctors are trained to see a problem then solve the problem to make the world better. 


Doctors are no strangers to networking in order to find jobs or create solutions. After all, it’s not “what you know, but who you know.”  


You became a doctor to help people, sometimes that fulfillment is lost in today’s medicine. In business also, you can make lives better for others. 


Doctors want financial freedom. Embracing your inner entrepreneur will position you to not rely on the income from your day job.


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