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Welcome to the Passive Real Estate Academy Private Podcast Series, where we aim to provide insight into the economy, finances, investments, and real estate investing.

In this collection, Dr. Peter Kim interviews a few of the industry's top leaders regarding real estate, the economy, and various industries. Together, we ask the hard questions and discuss the current market trends and what people think about them.

We hope this series will not just be educational but will provide hope and give you the courage and motivation to take action towards experiencing financial freedom through real estate.


Current Market Trends – Interview with Bonnie Koo


Current Market Trends – Interview with Pranay Parikh


Current Market Trends – Interview with Jim Dahle


Current Market Trends – Interview with Troy Eckard


Current Market Trends – Interview with Jeremy Roll


Current Market Trends – Interview with Eric Tait


How I Got Started In Real Estate – PIMDCON23 Panel Discussion


Exploring Diverse Asset Classes – PIMDCON23 Panel Discussion


The Great Investment Debate – Take Action or Wait It Out – PIMDCON23 Panel Discussion

We hope you enjoyed our PREA Private Podcast Series.

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With all the uncertainty on the horizon… both in medicine and the economy…

There’s never been a better time for physicians to confidently arm themselves with the tools to navigate their finances and investments.

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