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How to Find a Great Property Management Company to Work With

How to Find a Great Property Management Company to Work With

For many of us seeking financial freedom, our ultimate goal is the freedom to spend our time how we want. If you’re earning money through rental properties, one of the best ways to protect your time is to hire a property manager. A good property manager can handle all the intricacies involved in rental property […]

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Should you manage your own rental property? Passive Income MD thinks not, especially if you're a physician! Pictured is a pair of hans, on holding a pen, another holding a set of keys, with a calculator and some paper on the table. The keys have a house keychain attached. This image is featured in a blog post on Passive Income, M.D. Enjoy!

Should You Manage Your Own Rental Properties?

When it comes to income, the term “passive” exists on a sliding scale. Very few things are truly passive (meaning you put in zero work and receive income in return). Take, for example, one of my favorite subjects: producing income from owning rental properties. The IRS considers this income to be “passive,” but in reality, […]

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