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Three Days in the Life of Mrs. PIMD

June 22, 2017 • 6 Min Read

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(Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of the previous post. Mrs. PIMD gets asked all the time how she juggles everything – being a doctor, a businesswoman, a wife, and a mom. So I asked her to record her activities over three days last week. Enjoy!)


6:30am – Wake up, nurse baby, and FB time! (including my daily business post. I used to play candy crush while nursing. This is just much better use of my time.)
7:15am – Toddler’s up. Get ready, eat breakfast, and RUSH RUSH RUSH out the door by 8am.
8:01am – Forgot my keys
8:02am – Forgot my coffee
8:15am – Drop off at preschool – 5 minutes to extricate myself from my daughter’s clutches
8:20am – Late for work, but will take advantage of the commute by making some phone calls or listening to business training calls (PIMD likes podcasts; I should probably start listening to those too.  Business in general is so different from medicine; I need all the help I can get.)
8:40am – Patients still not ready (whew), so finally sit at a computer to check and answer some emails.
12:30pm – Wrapping up clinic (even the patient who came 1 hour late, no problem) and clear out my inbox.  Notice I missed a few texts/messages and answer them when walking to the car.
12:45pm – Phone call on the drive home with a friend who has some questions about joining the business.
1:15pm – Lunch with PIMD (shoot off a quick IG post of my poke bowl)
2:30pm – Sit down in front of my laptop – catch up on orders, update the team pages, check in with a few teammates and customers
3:30pm – Baby is up from his nap, strap him into the Ergo and go on a walk with the dogs
4:00pm – Stop by the nearby park to swing and catch up with some neighbors.
5:00pm – Pick up my daughter from preschool.
5:30pm – Dinner time/Play time (it all blends together)

6:30pm – Bath time, Story time
7:59pm – Lights out (yep, takes that long sometimes)
8:00pm – Strategy call with a teammate
9:00pm – Shark Tank on DVR, reading/computer time (some messages, some online shopping).
10:30pm – Lights out


6:30am – Wake up, nurse baby, FB time.
7:15am – Toddler’s up. Get ready & eat breakfast. No clinic today so no need to RUSH.  Yay!
8:45am – Drop off at preschool.
9:00am – Sit down in front of my laptop and surf FB for post ideas while listening to a training video in the background.  Send out some messages and texts.
10:00am – Get caught up chatting with a friend I haven’t talked to in forever.
10:30am – Baby’s up. Take him and dogs to a nearby coffee shop.
12:00pm – Lunch with a friend
2:30pm – Errands: groceries, bank, Target for birthday gifts (snap some cute home decor finds!), GAP to return some clothes, I know I’m forgetting something…
5:00pm – Pick up my daughter from preschool (doh, I forgot to go the post office!)
5:30pm – Dinner time/Play time
6:30pm – Bath time, Story time
7:59pm – Lights out
8:00pm – FB time. Check in on the team and how people are doing. (with Bachelorette playing in the background. PIMD’s choice!)


6:30am – Wake up, nurse baby, FB time.
7:15am – Daughter’s up, Eat breakfast. It’s the freakin’ weekend, YAY!
7:45am – Family rug time
9:00am – Ballet class for toddler (while Mommy gets a coffee break to text friends and for some social media time, including posting a pic of the new shoes I just got in the mail yesterday.)
10:30pm – PIMD was on baby duty, and they are all up.  Kiddos and dogs pile into the red wagon for a family walk to the Farmer’s Market for lunch
12:30am – HAVE to stop by the park on the way back
1:30pm – Family nap/rest time

3:00pm – Head over to a girlfriend’s to help her with her networking party.  We have a few mimosas.
4:30pm – Neighborhood story time
5:45pm – Dinner time
7:00pm – Bath time, Story time
7:59pm – Lights out
8:00pm – PIMD’s sister comes over to watch the monitors, while PIMD and I go out and grab dessert.
10:00pm – Finally some laptop time – check emails, input orders, catch up on messages, peruse FB and team pages, SLEEP.


So that’s it! Three days in the life of ME! When I think about my schedule two years ago, it was definitely not as varied, FUN, or fulfilling. It was all about rush rush rush, all the time, and just getting through the day. I was always tired and irritated, and I felt like I wasn’t doing a very good job at anything – at work or at home.  

Now, because I’ve built my home business to a point where I can cut back on my clinic hours, I can focus on my patients at hand a few mornings a week and not get burnt out from the grind. I really enjoy going to work now!

And of course, I love spending more time with my kids. I rarely got to go on walks and enjoy weekdays with my daughter when she was young; I am now making that up with my son. And because PIMD has been able to cut back on some of his hours too, our weekends are also better. While before he might be working every other Saturday, and I would be struggling to keep up with an active baby alone after an exhausting week of work, we are enjoying our weekends together as a family more often, like “normal” people!

Now, this all did not just happen overnight. Over the past two years, I have definitely honed my activities to the essentials and learned to plan out my days more efficiently. It was really tough at the beginning – before I went part-time – juggling a full-time job, kids, AND learning the ins-and-out of this business (how to be confident, how not to be weird, how to balance friendships, networking, and business, etc. I’m still learning to this day!). But – as you can probably tell – I definitely think it has been worth it.

(I don’t know about you but I got exhausted just reading this. It goes without saying that I think Mrs. PIMD is the most incredible woman and it’s amazing to me how she can handle it all. I’m so proud of what she’s been able to accomplish as a mom, a businesswoman, and a physician all at the same time.)

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