For a Long, Happy Career, Be More Than Just a Doctor


This is an excerpt from a post that was published recently on KevinMD, the web's leading social media health platform. It is also the second post in a series where I try to explore for myself and my readers – What actually makes for a long, happy career? The first, “For a Long Career, Make Medicine a Hobby” can be read here. Enjoy!

“You’re a doctor, focus on being a doctor.”

This piece of advice was recently given to me by my own father, in regards to my multiple ambitions outside of the medical field. He himself only recently retired from a long career as a surgeon, so his opinion is the result of years of experience.

His advice got me thinking.

What makes for career longevity in our field?

Statistics show that more than half of physicians experience symptoms of burnout at some point, and some studies show that over 50% of physicians wouldn’t recommend the profession to their children. Those are some tough numbers, and it’s enough to make you wonder: what’s the key to having a long, happy career?

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