#157 Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio With Mineral Rights, ft. Troy Eckard of Eckard Enterprises - Passive Income MD
Episode #157

#157 Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio With Mineral Rights, ft. Troy Eckard of Eckard Enterprises

In this episode, Dr. Kim interviews the CEO and founder of Eckard Enterprises, Troy Eckard. He shares his story of building a successful energy portfolio and how mineral rights are another form of real estate. They are currently a great investment for generating passive income and diversifying your portfolio.

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Eckard Enterprises brings this episode to you.

Eckard Enterprises, LLC, is a family-owned and operated alternative investment and asset management firm, specializing in mineral rights and the U.S. energy industry. Eckard believes that owning tangible assets is one of the safest, long-term investment strategies available in today’s investment climate.

30.16 Min • May 1

Episode Highlights

Now, let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • Troy Eckard, real estate, and mineral rights
  • Finding value in mineral rights
  • Passive Income through mineral rights
  • Mitigating risks in mineral investment
  • The Future of the mineral rights market
  • Connecting with Troy Eckard and Eckard Enterprises

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds.


Episode Breakdown


Troy Eckard, real estate, and mineral rights

Troy Eckard shares his journey from working in a small energy company to starting his own company for private individual investors who are interested in energy-related assets. He also talks about the connection between real estate and mineral rights. 

“We’re the only country in the world that allows private ownership of mineral rights. Everything else in the world is owned by the government of those particular countries.” — Troy Eckard


Finding value in mineral rights

When asked to explain more about the value and economics of mineral rights, Troy’s answer describes the similarity of real estate investors and mineral owners, working to help their clients gain more revenue through their land.

“It’s just like real estate. It’s knowing your market, staying focused, and not trying to be a jack of all trades. It’s learning from what you’ve gathered or experienced for 30-something years… How do I get the highest point on the food chain with the least amount of risk? That’s mineral rights.” — Troy Eckard


Income through surface rights and mineral rights

Troy tells how investors can make money from essentially owning land with mineral rights, explaining the royalties and leases, and how the private sector can collectively participate in a trillion-dollar industry.

“We’re playing with bulls, elephants, and we’re not getting stepped on. We’re getting to ride with them [and] it’s a lot of fun.” — Troy Eckard


Mitigating risks in mineral investment

From his 37 years of experience in the energy sector, Troy Eckard shares how to mitigate the risks involved when investing in mineral rights and also how to effectively invest in it. 

“Buying in the right location with the right oil company that has leased those mills, that is the true magic to buying minerals… with a lot of natural resources like oil and gas in place but knowing who’s going to drill the wells to pull that oil and gas up.” — Troy Eckard

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The Future of the mineral rights market

When asked about the future of the mineral rights market in terms of recent news on energy independence and renewable energies, Troy explains how the market is wide open and how real estate investors are buying minerals and using the cash flow to buy real estate. 

“So just like real estate, when that door opens and in about 18 months, you, me, and everybody we’re gonna sell our watches and say, I’m buying every good asset from the banks I can buy until I can’t buy anymore.” Troy Eckard


Connecting with Troy Eckard and Eckard Enterprises

Troy shares how you can know more about Eckard Enterprise through their app Eckard Insight and how he can help you build your portfolio in the oil and gas sector.

Learn More about Eckard Enterprises, Click Here

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