#161 From Physician to Entrepreneur: Navigating the Career Shift, ft. Dr. Peter Kim - Passive Income MD
Episode #161

#161 From Physician to Entrepreneur: Navigating the Career Shift, ft. Dr. Peter Kim

In this episode, Dr. Peter Kim talks about the mindset necessary to transition from medicine to entrepreneurship. This episode will help you gain insights and inspire you to take actionable steps toward becoming a successful physician-entrepreneur.

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13.52 Min • May 29

Episode Highlights

Now, let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • Identify What Drives You
  • Build a Network Around You
  • Embrace New Skills
  • Establish an Entrepreneur Identity
  • The Challenge of the Week
  • Physician Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Conference (PIMDCON)

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds.


Episode Breakdown


Identify What Drives You

Dr. Peter Kim discusses the need to identify what is driving you to make a transition in your career or begin a side hustle. He encourages time for retrospection and asks yourself questions such as, is it a desire for financial freedom? The need for flexibility? Or the desire to live in another country for three months? 

“Knowing why you want to do these things will help you create opportunities. In fact, it’ll help you see opportunities that are out there for yourself. And the way you get to come across a lot is opportunities.” — Dr. Peter Kim


Embrace New Skills

Peter shares how physicians are wired to be a life-long learner. He reminds the listener that sometimes we easily forgot that we are capable of developing new skill sets beyond those required to be a physician. This includes skills in marketing, finance, business development, communication, and sales, which he believes physicians are absolutely capable of doing. 

“We’re ambitious, we’re resourceful, we’re able to do these things. But having that mindset of understanding that learning new skills is important and required to move into entrepreneurship. This is something that will carry you a long way.” — Dr. Peter Kim


Establish an Entrepreneur Identity

Dr. Kim encourages everyone to think of themselves as an entrepreneur. He shares how physicians are not limited to their title of being a doctor, they can diversify their identity as it gives them the confidence to discover new things.

“I want people to realize that there is so much more to us than just being doctors, we have other hats that we can wear. And there are other identities that we can take on.” — Dr. Peter Kim


The Challenge of the Week

Dr. Peter challenges everyone this week to think about what drives them, how they can commit to developing new skills, the steps to take, and the new identities they intend to take on. 

“Because having that right mindset is absolutely essential. In the long run, it’s going to aid you in constantly shifting your attitude, behavior, and approach to the challenges you face, especially in your business.” — Dr. Peter Kim


Physician Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Conference (PIMDCON) 

Dr. Peter Kim closes by inviting everyone to join the Physician Real Estate &Entrepreneurship Conference (PIMDCON) this September 21 – 23, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA. The event is for those who want to learn more about real estate, investing, finances, passive income, entrepreneurship, and more. 

“Now, what sets this conference apart from others goes way beyond the speakers. It’s been part of the community that’s created at our live events. This year, we’re offering specific tracks, focus on real estate investing, or entrepreneurship acceleration, so you can customize your experience and focus on what matters to you the most.” Dr. Peter Kim

We talk in depth about all of this and more in our course–Passive Real Estate Academy. Want to learn everything about investing in real estate with confidence? You can grab your seat right here!   

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