#169 Physician’s Tools of the Future: Harnessing the Power of AI, ft. Dr. Peter Kim - Passive Income MD
Physician’s Tools of the Future Harnessing the Power of AI
Episode #169

#169 Physician’s Tools of the Future: Harnessing the Power of AI, ft. Dr. Peter Kim

In this episode, Dr. Peter Kim shares four of the top-rated physician AI tools to enhance their medical practice, side hustles, life, and everything in between. Get to know the key insights and various ways to leverage AI to your advantage.

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16.59 Min • July 24

Episode Highlights

Now, let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence
  • Various uses of ChatGPT
  • DocsGPT for Physicians
  • Opus Clip for Video Editing
  • Midjourney for Images
  • Physician Real Estate & Entrepreneurship Conference (PIMDCON)

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds.


Episode Breakdown


Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence

Peter dives into the world of AI and talks about some tools that can revolutionize medical practice and even side hustles. He shares his insights, how to use them, and advice for fellow physicians catching up to new advancements.

“AI is not here to replace physicians, it’s really here to expand your abilities. Now, the more specialized you are, the more it takes reasoning and thinking, that type of position or job is probably more immune to some of the changes that are happening in AI today”  — Dr. Peter Kim



Various uses of ChatGPT

Dr. Kim shares the different ways one can use the powerful AI tool, ChatGPT. He talks about how to use it for research, develop marketing strategies, organize your day, and even plan a trip overseas.

He also talks about our free AI Prompt Generator for ChatGPT that physicians can easily use to get better results.

“I recently went to Asia on vacation, I asked ChatGPT… I am going to Tokyo for seven days, what’s an example of a great itinerary for a family of four with two kids under age 10 that combines some outdoor activities as well as some nice sightseeing to some of the major sites in Tokyo… And, it spits out a complete itinerary for me in about a minute. ”  — Dr. Peter Kim


DocsGPT for Physicians

Peter talks about DocsGPT, an AI tool specifically designed to assist with medical text generation which is very valuable for physicians. He explores how it can be used for medical document reports, patient summaries, medical transcriptions, and even patient educational materials. 

“You can even make it fun for your younger patients, like putting it in a whimsical tone or even in the form of a story. For example, if you’re a pediatrician, I think this will work beautifully for you to create some nice stories… even in the style of Dr. Seuss.”  — Dr. Peter Kim


Opus Clip for Video Editing

Dr. Peter Kim shares the wonder of Opus Clip, an AI-powered video editing tool that simplifies the process of creating professional-looking videos. He shares how you can use it for video editing, text, overlays, subtitles, transitions, and audio enhancements, which you can use for social media or other promotional materials.

“It (Opus Clip) can take long content like an eight-minute recording, and cut it up into shorts. And that makes it super easy.”   — Dr. Peter Kim


Midjourney for Images

Dr. Peter talks about another great AI tool called Midjourney. It’s a text-to-image generator that you can use to create wonderful images out of text commands. Peter expresses how it can help you create logos, website illustrations, images for social media, and even assist with presentations. 

“As you know, images mean everything, especially in social media. So what if you’re able to create a text that says I want an image like this, and it will be able to generate an image instead of Googling for it.”  — Dr. Peter Kim


Physician Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Conference (PIMDCON) 

Dr. Peter Kim closes by inviting everyone to join the Physician Real Estate &Entrepreneurship Conference (PIMDCON) this September 21 – 23, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA. The event is for those who want to learn more about real estate, investing, finances, passive income, entrepreneurship, and more. 

“Now this year, you’re gonna have the opportunity to choose from two different tracks, focus on real estate investing or entrepreneurship or do both and learn from seasoned professionals to maximize sessions and coaching opportunities. You’ll gain valuable insights and how to achieve financial freedom and walk away with actionable plans to help you achieve your goals.” — Dr. Peter Kim

We talk in depth about all of this and more in our course–Passive Real Estate Academy. Want to learn everything about investing in real estate with confidence? You can grab your seat right here!   

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