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#2: What Is Passive Income?

February 10

The Passive Income MD PodcastA term that most have trouble with understanding when it comes to passive income is the word passive income itself. After all, this is the Passive Income MD blog + podcast. 

Everyone has their own definition when it comes to this term (including me). I think that can cause misunderstanding.  

Why is talking about passive income important to someone who has a good-paying job?

I think it's becoming more and more important as the days and the years go on. Especially in our given fields, because of the way the world is moving, the way the politics is going, and the way the field of medicine isn't going and is going,

I think it's become ever-increasingly important to learn about passive income and understand how to make it at the end of the day. 

Now, let’s look at five points that I discuss regarding passive income:

  • There are many definitions of passive income and I’ll discuss the variations. 
  • Passive income is something that's not easy to achieve.
  • Passive Income takes either time, energy, or effort in the beginning.
  • We’ll discuss different ways to create passive income, including my favorite way which is real estate. 
  • A big part of feeling satisfied is having the freedom or the control to do what you want with your time, energy and effort.

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