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What Physicians Should Know About Telemedicine ft. Saya Nagori, MD Dr. Saya Nagori shares the ins and outs of telemedicine, how its adoption is accelerating due to COVID-19, and discusses opportunities for physicians to participate in this rapidly evolving technology.
Episode #8

#8 What Physicians Should Know About Telemedicine

Saya Nagori is an ophthalmologist, who changed over to telemedicine. Her company, Simple Health.com started with eye care. However, eighteen months ago, she transitioned over to women’s health.

20 Min • March 23

Episode Highlights

Saya Nagori is an ophthalmologist, who changed over to telemedicine. Her company, Simple Health.com started with eye care. However, eighteen months ago, she transitioned over to women’s health.

After the transition, women’s health rocketed in popularity, and she completely stopped doing eye care. In addition to keeping busy with her own company, she consults for digital health companies.

In this episode, she’ll tell us what she had to do and the risks she had to take in order to find (and build) something innovative and entrepreneurial!

Now, let’s look at five things

  • We discuss virtual health, telemedicine, and digital health and health technology.
  • We’ll look at the competition and opportunities of telemedicine.
  • The impact of Covid-19 on telemedicine…need I say more?
  • Answering questions around telemedicine from getting started (the first step) to the complexities (think: consent, insurance, and liability).
  • I talk about the importance of creating value.

Episode Breakdown


I think you need to have, First of all, just the baseline understanding of the landscape, you know, you need to understand the landscape of telemedicine, you need to understand data interoperability, you need to understand where telemedicine works and where it doesn’t. 


So, you know, you know, I’m an ophthalmologist and when I’m in the office, and I’m doing procedures, or if I’m in the operating room, I mean, my liability is just way higher versus if I’m treating someone via telemedicine.


Yeah, we were talking about this before, I think I really feel very strongly about it, because this is the future, right? Like and if, if this outbreak has taught us anything, it’s that you know, I’ve been preaching about telemedicine for five years, and in the last five days, my phone has never been busier. 


Yeah, so definitely you need state licenses. Most companies won’t hire people unless they have at least three or four. Although the demand now is gonna like I said because Covid is going to skyrocket. 


I think like, people are interested in knowing what someone’s life might look like in medicine, and we’ve talked about a lot on my blog, about really creating your ideal life through these other streams of income and not just being like a one trick pony, just kind of being a physician that’s on the track, maybe unemployed and just, you know, expecting to be that way the same way until you retire. What kind of life can people create using telemedicine?

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