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Episode #128

#128 Is It Better To Undershoot Or Overshoot Your Retirement Goals?

When saving for retirement.. is it better to undershoot or overshoot your goals? 

In today’s podcast, Peter discusses the idea of gradual retirement. This method is applied when you choose to cut back as you work to reach your retirement goals slowly. There are two choices. The first is to undershoot or delay your plan so that you can enjoy time with your family now. The second choice is to overshoot your goal, using the time now to work full-time when it’s the premier time to enjoy your family and life. 

In today’s podcast, Peter Kim will share his thoughts on determining your retirement goals.

12 Min • October 10

Episode Highlights

Now, let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • Retirement goals
  • Concept of gradual retirement
  • Working optimally and still meett your goals
  • Cutting back and reassessing your current situation

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds.

Episode Breakdown


What’s the worst? Possibly undershooting your goal and maybe having it delayed a bit and having time with your family now, or to overshoot your goal and find out later on that you wasted years when you could have enjoyed more time doing what you love with those you love.


Peter thinks that it is worst to overshoot your goal. If you undershoot a little, you can work a little more and cut back on some expenses, some adjustments you can make.



Peter talks about the concept of gradual retirement, where you can cut back slowly. He advices not to hurry the process and choose to cut back all at once, but to step into retirement slowly. This will help you adapt financially and emotionally to working less.



If you cut back slowly, you will have a better chance of finding that equilibrium spot where you are working optimally and can still reach your goals and be able to do the things you’d love to do. 



Peter started reassessing his current situation and started to cut back on working, one night at a time. He continued to reassess his current financial and health status. Eventually, he found a healthy work-life balance, and his enjoyment for life was improving.



He was able to support his family and pursue the things he wanted because of gradual retirement; he was able to do it sustainably, course correct as he went, and still enjoy the time he has.


Based on the book, “DIE WITH ZERO”, people die at their peak net worth. According to Bill Perkins, you may die with the most money, but then would you rather die with half your net worth, and still have time to enjoy life in your prime years? 

What is the risk that you will take on the time you have now?


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