#32: How to Overcome Burnout feat. Jimmy Turner, MD


#32: How Coaching Can Help to Overcome Burnout feat. Jimmy Turner, MD

October 26

Dr. Jimmy Turner is a practicing anesthesiologist and also a personal finance blogger, podcaster, and author of The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance.

He also happens to be a physician practicing academic anesthesiology who paid off $200,000 of student loan debt in 19 months and increased his net worth by $250,000 in just 12 months out of training.

While in training, a few books and a couple of conversations opened his eyes to the fact that he accrued way more debt than he should have in training, but (despite that) he could still be financially independent in his early 40's.

Given the burnout epidemic that exists in medicine, he felt that the message of financial independence was both timely and important. And despite all of the awesome work that was being done by other physician finance websites, there was still a huge need.

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Now, let’s look at five things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Why he chose the name “Physician Philosopher”
  • Signs of burnout
  • How he found coaching
  • The difference between therapy and coaching
  • How to find the right coach

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds…


This idea that they aren't true and false thoughts, there are only thoughts that serve you and thoughts that don't is a very powerful idea.


Coaching for the regular doctor? That is actually pretty new and actually it's so new that there are like a 140 doctors that are coaches and have gone or going through life coach right now.


I think there's a lot to gain from having group coaching and seeing other people get coached in front of you which is what group coaching is.

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