#67: Is this the Holy Grail of Real Estate Investing?


perfect investment

#67: Is this the Holy Grail of Real Estate Investing?

August 9
perfect investment

Does the perfect investment exist? Sometimes I feel like Indiana Jones, searching for the Holy Grail that is the “perfect investment.” I’ve spent time imagining what it would look like if it did exist. 

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Now, let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • 3 things the perfect investment would have
  • Why you haven't found the perfect investment
  • What to look for to help mitigate risk
  • What is a syndication
  • What returns you can expect with real estate funds

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode unfolds…


I believe that these investments take either time, energy or capital upfront for this thing to happen. 


The most important part of investing in these real estate funds is due diligence before you invest. 

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