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5 Must-Have AI Tools to Jumpstart Your Podcast

5 Must-Have AI Tools to Jumpstart Your Podcast

October 12, 2023 • 5 Min Read

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Whether you’re listening in the car, during coffee breaks, or while having breakfast, podcasts are a great way to shave off time and still learn while being entertained.

And let’s be honest, at one point while listening we might have asked “What if I start my own podcast?”. If this is you but don’t know where to begin, or maybe have one but are drained with all the hassle, then we just got the right tools for you.

With 464.7 million podcast listeners globally, the fast-growing podcasting industry is constantly evolving to produce high-quality content. It’s now a massive market estimated to be around $23.56 billion. And the best part? It’s not at its peak yet.

Did you know that by 2022, 79% of US citizens are already aware of podcasts? That’s a stark contrast to how it was in 2006 when only 22% of the population knew about the platform.

It certainly came a long way, and now with the advent of AI, it will only get better. So if you’re starting out with your podcast or are planning to have one, here are 5 must-have tools that will simplify various time-consuming tasks involved in podcast production like editing, transcription, and promotion.

Let’s make it simpler for experienced and aspiring podcasters to create their own content!

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5 Must-Have Podcast AI Tools


Descript goes beyond being a podcast editing tool; it is a complete audio editing software that harnesses Artificial Intelligence to elevate podcast production. 

Renowned for its podcast transcription and voice cloning capabilities, Descript enables creators to edit audio as effortlessly as editing text. With its robust AI multitrack production engine and features like removing filler words or adding voice overdubs, Descript offers a seamless editing experience that experienced or beginners would have a great time with.

It boasts to be the “One tool for your full workflow”. Check Descript out!


Podcastle is a well-known tool in the podcasting world that excels in audio and video creation. It is an indispensable asset for podcasters and YouTubers who want to record, edit, and produce top-notch content. 

With its powerful audio editor and extensive editing features, Podcastle assists in creating refined content that engages and captivates audiences.

Their edge? They are known to be super simple and streamlined. An ideal pick for starters!

Riverside (Magic Clips)

Riverside’s Magic Clips is a valuable tool for creators looking to promote their podcasts on social media. By utilizing AI, this tool identifies significant moments in a recording and converts them into pre-made social clips, streamlining the content creation process for wider audience reach. 

Riverside's AI also has this feature called Podcast Name Generator which assists creators in crafting catchy names for their shows.

Must have if you plan to use portions of your podcast on various social media platforms!


Auphonic is a comprehensive audio post-production tool that provides various audio optimization features, including EQ, filters, noise reduction, and loudness specifications. Its AI audio processing capabilities and ability to generate automatic audiograms quickly make it a popular choice for creators who prioritize top-notch audio quality.

Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast is an AI-powered audio recording and editing tool that is in its early stages. It boasts innovative features such as a text-based video editor and an Enhance Speech feature. 

Although it's still in beta, early adopters, particularly Adobe enthusiasts, find its offerings promising for producing high-quality audio.

Final Thoughts

AI podcast tools have undoubtedly revolutionized the podcast production process, enabling creators to concentrate on content creation rather than getting caught up in the technical aspects. Our group of doctor entrepreneurs is a testament to this, launching podcasts of their own!

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With the utilization of tools like Descript, Podcastle, Riverside, Auphonic, and Adobe Podcast,  you can now create captivating and top-notch content that resonates with your audience minus the hassle. And it doesn’t end there, as AI technology continues to advance, the potential for podcasting is limitless, ushering in an exciting era for creators, upcoming creators, and listeners alike.

So, are you willing to try these AI tools for podcasts? Don’t miss them!

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