Journal Club 11-17-23 - Passive Income MD
Journal Club 11-17-2023

Journal Club 11-17-23

November 17, 2023 • 2 Min Read

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Here's Journal Club 11-17-23! Every week, I hold a JOURNAL CLUB. After filtering through the articles on the web, I present a few that impacted my life this week. Be safe and stay well!

  • Considering the extended education years, substantial student loans, and demanding professional responsibilities, attaining financial freedom and early retirement may seem like a distant dream. However, per the Physician on FIRE, doctors can redefine their retirement timelines through commitment, knowledge, and careful planning. And the author provides valuable insights into early retirement planning for physicians in the article – Early Retirement Plans for Physicians.
  • Real estate investing is a time-tested hedge against rising costs and economic downturns. So, it's not surprising to see many individuals seeking real estate as an investment vehicle to protect themselves against inflation. However, the various costs associated with real estate investing can be prohibitive. So, is there a way to make investing more accessible? Thankfully, there's more than one way to make it happen, and the author of Spark Rental shares more about it in the post – Creative Financing for Real Estate: 13 Ideas for Your Next Investment Property.
  • Many individuals contemplating investing in real estate hesitate to take the next step, considering the illiquid nature of this investment asset. Liquidity is a critical factor for many investors, and real estate is generally considered less liquid compared to other assets such as stocks and bonds. To offer clarity on the liquidity levels in real estate investments, the Debt-Free Doctor takes a closer look at the various factors affecting this investment asset in the article – Commercial Real Estate: How Liquid is Your Investment?
  • If you're a beginner, investing in the stock market is one of the more straightforward yet powerful tools for building wealth and starting your journey to financial freedom. However, Per the Banker on FIRE, it's essential to understand the common misconceptions associated with the stock market that can impact your financial journey. To help you invest with confidence and clarity, the author shares more in the post – Five Dangerous Misconceptions About The Stock Market.

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