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Guide to Networking During a Pandemic

March 10, 2021 • 6 Min Read

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Life has changed a lot recently–that goes without saying. For one thing, we’ve started to become accustomed to social distancing and working from home, even physicians using telemedicine. Concerts, conferences, and other large gatherings have stopped, and connecting with people in and out of your industry just isn’t as easy as it used to be. 

As a result, one of the most important aspects of personal and business growth–networking–has almost become an afterthought. It’s understandable, but as we enter the second year of the pandemic, it’s becoming clear that in order to meet and network with others, we need to figure out a new way.

It may not seem like people in medicine benefit from the power of networking like those in business, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve seen many great things come out of meetings, conferences, and even social gatherings outside of the hospital.

In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at a few different (and very effective) ways you can continue to grow your knowledge and experience through networking–even during a pandemic.

Take Advantage of Current Connections

If there’s one thing that can cause relationships to fade, it’s a global pandemic. Yes, technology has made it easy to video chat, but it’s tough to replace the daily connections we used to take for granted. 

If you’ve (understandably) let certain connections fall by the wayside, I would definitely encourage you to make new efforts to reform those connections. Whether it’s with your coworkers, fellow investors, or even an online forum, maintaining those professional relationships can be hugely beneficial. 

Plus, being a bit more active in seeking out those relationships will put you in a state of mind you may have forgotten about. You’ll likely find that new ventures and opportunities seem to fall right into your lap. That’s not really the case, of course–it’s just the power of networking.

Use Social Media (Facebook groups, LinkedIn)

This one might seem obvious, but there are quite a few different ways to leverage social media that you might now have considered. For one, social media is one of the best ways to reconnect with those people we may have lost touch with (as I mentioned in the previous section).

But these days, there are a ton of opportunities just waiting to be found. No matter what field you’re in or side hustle you’re into, I would highly, highly recommend joining a few Facebook groups. For example, our group is called Passive Income Docs (join here; we’d love to have you!). It’s the perfect place to meet new people, ask and answer questions, and generally be around like-minded people trying to figure out how to create their ideal lives.

Other sites like LinkedIn allow you to make professional connections as well. It’s easy enough to find and message with others, and it can be a powerful tool for networking. 

Another that you may not have considered? Believe it or not: Instagram. All you really have to do is follow a few accounts that you like (search for certain hashtags, like “passive income” or “real estate investing,” for example) and post what you’re interested in. Instagram also has Reels, now, which get shown to a lot of people outside your own friends list. This can be a great way to meet new people, and it’s actually worked really well for me. 

Honestly, any social media platform has many opportunities just waiting for you. Trust me, there are like-minded people out there–even on TikTok.

Attend Virtual Conferences (inspiration, motivation, practical strategies, curated content)

By far the most effective way to network that I’ve found is by attending conferences. Sadly, in-person conferences aren’t really a thing anymore (at least, not for now), and I’ve missed meeting new people, learning new things, and just generally being around people who want the same things I do. 

Fortunately, this is where modern technology really flexes its muscles. Thanks to online video conferencing, you really can get the next best thing to an in-person gathering. This also eliminates the obstacle most people have when they want to attend a conference: taking time off of work to travel for an extended time. Now, you can meet new people from the comfort of your living room!

Honestly, while I do hope that in-person conferences come back sooner rather than later, I’ve found that the ones hosted online are even better in some ways. Besides not having to travel, it also saves money on expenses. For these reasons, even more people can attend, which means you’ll meet and learn from more people than any physical conference room could hold. 

Why do I like conferences so much? Well, I talk about it in detail here, but really, it comes down to the sharing of information among like-minded people. It truly doesn’t matter what you’re interested in–there’s probably a conference for it. They’re great for meeting people, learning, and ultimately, staying motivated. 

Of course, if you’re reading this blog, odds are good that you’re interested in passive income and possibly real estate investing. So if you’re looking for a great way to connect with those like-minded people, be sure to check out our upcoming Leverage and Growth Summit! This is one of those conferences that provides a ton of value, and I know you’ll love every minute of it. 

No matter what method you choose to keep networking, the thing that really matters is that you’re being intentional about it. Find those people who will inspire and motivate you, and by default, you’ll do the same for them. Not only will this help you make new friends, but it’ll also help you reach your goals that much soon–even in the middle of a pandemic.

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