Recommended Financial Advisors

This page includes my one and only recommended Financial Advisor as of the moment. The advisor listed on this page is well-known to readers on this site on account of his guest posts. In addition to his writing, he also has a podcast. I’ve been able to vet him well through calls, emails, his writing, his website, and even an in-person meeting (at Fincon).

Physician Wealth Services

Ryan Inman created his virtual, fee-only practice to help young physicians take control of their finances. As part of a physician family, Ryan knows the pains, struggles and joys that come from a career in medicine. When his wife was in residency, he witnessed how vulnerable she was to poor financial advice that wasn’t in her best interest. Because of this, he shifted his practice to work exclusively with young physicians who could truly benefit from unbiased, quality financial advice. PWS seeks to provide clients with the financial literacy they didn’t received despite decades in school. He offers student loan analysis, comprehensive financial planning (starting at $200/mo.), and investment management (.75% per year) with no investment minimums. Wondering if you can save for retirement while paying off student loans? Click here.


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