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You Are the Average of the Five Physicians You Spend the Most Time With

When it comes to the quality of a person’s life… ”You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” You may have heard this quote, from famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn, many times before. Taken at face value, the quote relates to how we are influenced. But it’s also a […]

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Journal Club 1-30-20

Every other week, I hold a JOURNAL CLUB. After manually filtering through the millions of articles out there on the web, I present a few that impacted my life this month. Here’s our Journal Club for the week, enjoy! By paying our future selves first, we are taking straight aim at financial success. This will […]

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Pictured are three stacks of coins that are depicted as if they are baby plants just sprouting from the ground. Achieving financial freedom begins with planting the seeds of passive income channels and watching them grow. This image is featured on the Passive Income MD blog titled, "Achieving Financial Freedom as a Physician is Simple, but Not Easy."

Achieving Financial Freedom as a Physician is Simple, but Not Easy

Achieving financial freedom has been on my mind since my second year as a young attending. It was about that time when I realized that, while I might make a good income as an anesthesiologist, it would never allow me to truly be in control of my time. The moment I stopped showing up for […]

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Q and A with Physician on Fire. Pictured is a jar on a wooden table with colored pieces of paper inside that have question marks on them.

A Q & A with Physician on FIRE

The Physician on FIRE did an awesome interview with an anesthesiologist named Tom who used to run a site called High Income Parents. They covered everything from learning personal finance, whether or not Leif (Physician on FIRE) set a record by walking a marathon – yes, I said walking – and how Leif and his […]

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Why Doctors Lack Empathy A War Story

Why Doctors Lack Empathy: A War Story

After an “abnormal” experience on the beach, The Physician Philosopher recognized that it took a certain type of dissolution of emotion in order to save the life at hand. He reminisces to share a story that may place physicians in a familiar position of personal warfare. Today’s Classic is republished from The Physician Philosopher. You […]

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fatFIRE along the amalfi coast

What Is fatFIRE?

Lean FIRE, Fast FIRE, fatFIRE… FIRE? Lots of FIRE to keep up with and not the type we sing kumbayah around. But while we’re focusing on FIRE and its different flame “flavors,” Physician on FIRE gives us insight into fatFIRE and how he stumbled upon pursuing it himself. Today’s Classic is republished from Physician on […]

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23 Days in Hawaii: Our Slow Travel Fail

Love to travel? Love to read travel diaries? Then you’ll love today’s classic post from Physician on Fire. Enjoy! Living like a local for weeks at a time. That was the dream when I went part-time. Every day spent away would be sublime. I promise the rest of this post won’t rhyme. Our first lengthy […]

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Creating Passive Income

Be Proactive, Not Reactive When It Comes To Creating Passive Income

Most of us are trained to tackle problems and issues when they arrive. When a patient comes to the ER with chest pain, you sort it out. When an appendix is inflamed, you remove it. Sure, there are preventative medicine docs, but the vast majority of us focus on solving problems after the fact. It […]

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know your worth - fair pay doctor

Work Less, Make More

We hear it all the time… know your worth. When it comes to working in our physician roles, it can often feel like we’re just another hamster on the wheel. But in that instance, what we fail to notice is how much control we actually have in our situations. While I’ve written on maximizing our […]

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Cuba Cruise - Physician on FIRE

Take a Free Cruise Using Travel Rewards

Cruises are fun. What makes them particularly fun is making sure you’re getting a good deal out of the various packages available out there. Travel rewards? Credit card introductory offers? Travel reimbursement? Third-party booking? Physician on FIRE shares his little savings secrets. Today’s Classic is republished from Physician on FIRE. You can see the original […]

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